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It’s evident that the global travel and tourism sector generated approximately $4.6 trillion (USD) in 2020. However, due to the pandemic and its widespread impact, the industry experienced a significant shock. Despite this setback, there is optimism that the travel sector will recover as the world gradually recovers and individuals, particularly exhausted millennials and travel enthusiasts, seek opportunities to rejuvenate themselves. Recent research conducted by the World Travel and Tourism Council indicates that the industry generated $8.6 trillion in 2022, demonstrating its potential for growth and redemption. If you own a travel agency or a company specializing in tour planning, there is a tremendous opportunity for you to capitalize on this upward trend. By understanding and catering to the needs of your target market, you can effectively jumpstart your business and thrive in the evolving travel landscape.

Yakel Travel Services, an established full-service Travel Agency in Ghana, has been honored with the prestigious United Nations Top Choice Awards for Excellence (UNTCAE) as the best Travel Agency in Ghana, recognized for providing the “Most Reliable and Affordable Travel and Tour Packages.” In the area of Educational Traveling Packages Eton Collage in Canada has awarded Yakel Travel and Tours as the best Agent here in Africa. Located on the Odorkor main road, the services of Yakel Travel and Tours brings a fresh and innovative approach to travel services, offering the best travel deals for international destinations as well as rendering a memorable encounter with tourist who visits Ghana through our expect tourist and sightseeing packages. Our goal is to create memorable and unforgettable adventures for our clients. Start booking with us today and embark on your next extraordinary journey.


  • Quality Service
  • Reliable and Affordable Travel and Tour Packages
  • Highly Recommended
  • Exceptional Customer Service
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We strive to offer the ultimate travel planning experience and provide affordable travel and tourist/sightseeing packages. Our goal is to become a one-stop-shop for all travel services in the industry. We are committed to delivering the best and excellent services that create memorable and unforgettable experiences for our valued clients.


We envision ourselves as the leading provider of travel planning and affordable travel and tourist/sightseeing packages. Our aim is to establish ourselves as the go-to destination for all travel services, offering a comprehensive range of options. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding services that leave a lasting impression on our valued clients.